Welcome to my IT page.

Please, do not hesitate sending a word to nicovernio@gmail.com

Web Services (jsp, tags, xml, servlets, wsdl, db-derby, jquery, ssl)* CLICK HERE
Web 3D (webGL, javascript, xhtml, css) CLICK HERE
Web Programming 2 (xhtml, php, javascript, css)** CLICK HERE
Web Programming 1 (xhtml, php, mySQL, css) CLICK HERE
Gloveless network robot control (C#, robot studio rapid, leap motion SDK, unity 3D) MOVIE 1 MOVIE 2
*access via HTTPS require adding exception for invalid security certificate (100% safe)
**animated background require flash player

WEBSITES AND OTHER WEB GOODIES (old and older pre-IT creations)
IPCS' (xhtml, php, css) CLICK HERE
Wedding card (flash***) CLICK HERE
Hub Production's (flash***, swift3D, html) CLICK HERE
Garry Greenwood's (html, fireworks, dreamweaver, photoshop) CLICK HERE
Home made Online Folio 2 (html, flash***, fireworks, dreamweaver, photoshop) CLICK HERE
New Year 2002 Wishes (flash***, swift) CLICK HERE
Home made Online Folio 1 (html, flash***, fireworks, dreamweaver) CLICK HERE
First play (html) CLICK HERE
***require flash player

ONLINE ARTWORK FOLIO (no programming)
The Pig Trotter on theLoop.com.au: CLICK HERE