Journal: Postcolonial Studies

The Institute publishes an international journal Postcolonial Studies.

Postcolonial Studies is the first journal specifically aimed at publishing work which explores the various facets—textual, figural, spatial, historical, political and economic—of the colonial encounter, and the ways in which this encounter shaped the West and non-West alike.

Postcolonial Studies is a quarterly peer- reviewed journal published by Routledge. For more information, visit


Volume 1, Number 1: History of Theory

This issue of Postcolonial Studies, guest edited by Ian Hunter, is devoted to the history of theory.

Leela Gandhi’s introduction groups the issue’s diverse essays under the rubric of “exception”. The issue includes an important historical essay by Patrick Wolfe, “Corpus nullius: the exception of I...

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Volume 5, Number 1

Articles include: Refugees: the Tampa case – Julian Burnside; Reflections on the Tampa ‘crisis’ – Robert Manne; Witnessing death: Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni crisis – Marion Campbell; Race and racialisation: some thoughts – Patrick Wolfe; ‘You been coverem up me gotem big swag. Government been...

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Volume 4, Number 3

Editorial – Leela Gandhi, Michael Dutton, Sanjay Seth;The culture peddlers – Anne Freadman;Self and similitude: translating difference (modern colonialism and renaissance conquests) – Vanita Seth;‘(Hand)Made in China’: the curious return of the footbinding shoe – Kaz Ross;The Golden Bough and...

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