Coexistence through critical & creative practice

The Institute of Postcolonial Studies was founded in 1996 as an independent venue for the exploration of postcolonial scholarship, politics and creative practice.

The Institute hosts a wide variety of public events, performances and presentations, often bringing together scholars, artists, activists and larger publics to explore and respond to the legacies of the colonial encounter in Australia and globally.

At the core of the activities and projects we aim to foster and support there is one central guiding concern: how can we best respond to the pressing challenges of coexistence in the present?

The Institute is the home of the scholarly journal, Postcolonial Studies.

Membership is open to all. 

Postcolonial Studies

Postcolonial Studies is the first journal specifically aimed at publishing work which explores the various facets—textual, figural, spatial, historical, political and economic—of the colonial encounter, and the ways in which this encounter shaped the West and non-West alike. A growing academic… Continue Reading →

Projects for coexistence

The Institute of Postcolonial Studies runs a lively public program where pressing concerns of the present are raised and responded to in critical and creative ways. From 2019 we are embarking on an ambitious new trajectory, with an aim to… Continue Reading →

Student-led initiatives

If you’re an undergraduate student or postgraduate researcher with an active interest in postcolonial politics or theory, there are multiple ways to get involved with the Institute. The Institute of Postcolonial Studies is an independent venue for the exploration of… Continue Reading →

Events – upcoming


September 26 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Contempt, A Theatrical Rendition of the Section 377 Hearings Performed by Ade Suharto, Adil Hasan Khan, Danish Sheikh, Darshan Datar, Divya Patpatia, Johanna Commins and Tarun Khaitan Over a period of two months in 2012, the Supreme Court of India...

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Video: Decolonising governance / Archipelagic thinking with Paul Carter

“Power may be globalized, but Westphalian notions of sovereignty continue to determine political and legal arrangements domestically and internationally: global issues–the legacy of colonialism expressed in continuing human displacement and environmental destruction–are thus treated ‘parochially’ and ineffectually. Not designed for… Continue Reading →

The Martin Harrison Archive

The Martin Harrison Archive

News from the Institute

2019 Hans Kilian Prize for Ashis Nandy Ashis Nandy, founding fellow of the Institute of Postcolonial Studies, was recently awarded the prestigious Hans Kilian Prize for 2019. Ashis had also received the Fukuoka Prize in 2007. The Köhler Foundation in its press… Continue Reading →

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