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12 Sep 2020

Bendigo St

On 31 March 2016, we occupied 16 Bendigo St and made national headlines, forcing the Andrews state government into an embarrassing confrontation. Soon after its inception, the protest drew the attention of the Wurundjeri and Kulin Nation community who helped us exposed the myth of the contemporary housing crisis. For them, housing deprivation and homelessness began with European invasion in 1788.

12 Sep 2020

No room to breathe

Rather than give a detailed description of the events that took place (the #freethe9blocks hashtag on twitter can do this), I was asked to reflect on the lockdown of the towers. The suggestion came after conversations with IPCS, as we were searching for another space to house donations.

3 Sep 2020

The Bubble: Metaphors we survive by

Metaphors are indispensable tools for making sense of reality, including the ongoing reality of systemic colonial relations—or to obfuscate it (to deflect the need to enact substantive decolonisation agendas, for …

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