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31 October 2019

Creative disasters

The number of “natural” disasters are increasing globally. Yet, disaster research is often trapped in a reductive paradigm couched in paternalistic…


Gemma Sou, Michael Fikaris, Jen Rae & Kate Sulan

17 October 2019

Post-development in practice

25 years ago postdevelopment critique destabilised the concept of development, challenging its assumptions and aims, but it has been necessary to push beyond theory to uncover alternatives in practice.


Elise Klein, Katharine McKinnon, Carlos Eduardo Morreo & Jon Altman

6 October 2019

Staying with Antigone

Antigone is the protagonist of Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, paying with her life the choice of rebelling against an ethically inadmissible law. Her tragedy highlights the question of disobedience when human …


Ubah Cristina Ali Farah, Giuseppe Massa, Laura Lori & Suzanne Hermanoczki

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