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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be publishing a monthly Against social distancing newsletter, bringing together the views and voices of IPCS and its communities.

As we come to terms with the new world of the pandemic and the uncertainties pervading our daily lives, we want to work in experimental ways, gathering and fostering community during this time of forced separation.

Against social distancing will bring you observations and provocations from among our community. 

Please do contact us if you have an observation you would like to share.

We are keen to know:

  • What effects are the COVID-19 lockdown having among the communities you know best?
  • What situations are falling through the cracks of the unrelenting media attention to the pandemic?
  • What kind of community support can usefully be mobilised to make a positive difference among people you know are suffering?
  • What are the small pleasures, the silver linings of isolation—what is ‘stay at home’ enabling that our previous rapid paced lives rarely allowed time for?
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28 Apr 2020

Locked in place

COVID-19 and lockdown have stopped us all in our tracks. In doing so, they have clamped into place numerous environmental injustices.  One is that the places we have suddenly been …