ASD #4

Against social distancing #4 — August 2020

Ritual of resilience

Sherine Al Shallah 10 August 2020 Between night and day on the fifth of August in Sydney, I called my mom in Beirut. Lhamdilla, kilna mneh (Thank god, we are all ok).  The number of settings in which I and so many… Continue Reading →

Paul Carter & Barry Hill at the Mildura Writers Festival

Since 1997 the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal for Excellence in Literature has been chosen by a single judge. It is awarded to an Australian writer whose work best reflects the high standards and distinguished literary accomplishments that Philip Hodgins consistently… Continue Reading →

Moments of transformation

Suzanne Hermanoczki  6 August 2020 I passed my neighbour on the way out. I hadn’t seen him in days.  ‘Hello A―’ I said. ‘Ah hello…’ he put down the shears. ‘I’m running out of things to keep me busy.’ I… Continue Reading →

Talking ‘truth’ in a time of pandemic

Vanessa Barolsky 7 August 2020 In 2018 historian Mark McKenna argued that: After nearly fifty years of deeply divisive debates over the country’s foundation and its legacy for Indigenous Australians, Australia stands at a crossroads – a moment of truth…. Continue Reading →

My family have been celebrated as pioneers but I knew their colonial history wasn’t fully told

Suzannah Henty 18 July 2020 When I was younger, I always knew that my family was part of a history that was not fully told. It is hard to put a finger on the feeling you have when you learn… Continue Reading →

After variations on the word ‘sleep’

Tilly Houghton It is with heavy hearts that we share the terribly sad news that our dear friend Tilly Houghton died suddenly last week. Tilly was a beautiful and wild force of energy. She was a passionate defender of social… Continue Reading →

Fractured Hairline

Azza Zein 3 July Fractured Hairline is part of Azza Zein’s continued research into ways to revalue invisible labour and care through the materiality of domestic space. Zein’s practice locates the displaced or migrant entity – be it human or non-human… Continue Reading →

The Tigers of Curzon Street

Desmond Manderson 26 June 2020 One would be hard pressed to find a more ironic address for an Institute of Post-Colonial Studies than Curzon Street. George Nathaniel Curzon, who after humble birth as a mere marquess rose to become first… Continue Reading →

A place apart

Benjamin Hegarty 6 July 2020 On a crisp autumn day in Melbourne, my phone has several missed calls from an Indonesian friend. I call back to see what might be wrong with a heavy heart. As has been the case… Continue Reading →

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