Chronicle of rebellion

Marcelo Svirsky

21 May 2020

A fictional autoethnography 

One can adjust to almost anything. Even to prison. Two years now since I first walked into this precinct, and four more ahead. An eternity. Actions have consequences, they say. Whether it was worth it or not I ask myself every day. I fall asleep pondering it. I know what my family feel.

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New seeds

Kevin Murray

24 May 2020

My world has been locked down and zoomed out.

I’ve been keen to use Garland magazine during the lockdown to share information and ideas across our network of makers and thinkers in the Indo-Pacific. Ironically, it’s been much easier than normal to contact people because no one is travelling. Internet access also has grown so that video chats are now possible in my network, even Iran.

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The essential arts

Gali Weiss

12 May 2020

The arts industry is decimated. When the media talks of the arts it usually refers to the performing arts which receive box office returns. That loss is measurable. Not so much has changed for me personally. As a visual artist I’m used to being on the edge in so many ways, paying to be an artist rather than being valued in monetary terms, despite being valued in cultural and critical terms.

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Immunity is the drumbeat

Simon Obendorf

19 May 2020

Immunity – from COVID-19, from a threatening outside world, from the present itself – is the drumbeat of our times. Perhaps nowhere is it sounding more insistently than in the Britain of 2020. The parochial logics of modern sovereignty, until recently on full display in calls to “Take Back Control”, have found new expression in calls for the populace to “Stay Alert” against looming threats to the health of the body politic. 

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ASD #1

Against social distancing #1 – April 2020

‘Self-isolation’: Beyond the urban bubble

Lauren Rickards

28 April 2020

I’m writing this from my coronavirus bunker. And you are probably reading it from yours. As per medical orders, we are increasingly closed off from the outside world. In a bid to escape the biological threat of the virus, we are translocating our lives in two directions: first into physical enclosures, second into the digital enclosure of ‘the cloud’.

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Kind Fire

i.m. Seamus Heaney

Not the digging of potatoes
but the forging of iron implements
produced those shoulders
and the biceps I pressed—
a little boy’s hand on the father’s bulge
a swelling roughly the same shape

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Covid reflections and the politics of development

Heloise Weber

28 April 2020

I struggled to start this reflection on the COVID-19 experience as I so wanted to begin with ‘these are unsettling and difficult times’ and yet did not want to!  As I pen these lines, I am also at an NTEU meeting, hearing about potential job losses (and other constrictions) in the university sector in Australia, and no doubt elsewhere in the world. The magnitude of suffering related to COVID-19 is all too apparent globally. It reinforces the urgency of addressing the politics and political economy of inequality under more normal circumstances.

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They have the will and resilience, but…

Mammad Aidani

28 April 2020

They have the will and resilience, but are more isolated and alienated than before these terrifying times.

The underprivileged are experiencing intense social and cultural isolation, alienation, and loneliness. Among those who are suffering the most are asylum seekers and recently settled refugees. If I were to write a full description of what I have heard and witnessed over the last couple of weeks since the self-isolation restrictions were introduced, I would need weeks to sit and write many pages. So, for the time being, I just content myself with jotting down the following.

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Locked in place

Lauren Rickards

28 April 2020

COVID-19 and lockdown have stopped us all in our tracks. In doing so, they have clamped into place numerous environmental injustices. 

One is that the places we have suddenly been chained to vary drastically in terms of their liveability. Even just at the scale of the furniture we are able to use, the rooms we can occupy, or the yard we might have to wander around, there are vast differences in how amenable our various situations are to quality work and wellbeing.

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