Board of Directors

Phillip Darby

Phillip Darby was educated at the Universities of Melbourne (MA, LLB) and Oxford – at St.Catherine’s and Nuffield Colleges (D.Phil).  He taught at the University of Melbourne from 1969 to 2017, and is a principal fellow in the School of… Continue Reading →

Ms Sarah Blatchford

Regional Director, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Australasia With a B.A. from Exeter University in the UK, Sarah began her career as Nuclear Business Analyst with the UK Atomic Energy Authority. She entered academic publishing with Blackwell Scientific Publications, working for the… Continue Reading →

Jon Altman

Jon Altman is a research professor at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University, Melbourne and an emeritus professor at the School of Regulation and Global Governance at the Australian National University. From 1990–2010 Jon was… Continue Reading →

Paul James

Paul James is Professor of Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney. He is on the Council of the Institute of Postcolonial Studies, a Fellow of the Royal Society of… Continue Reading →

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