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“Is eating a settler-colonial act?” History, justice, and the future of food

Stefano de Pieri, Lauren Rickards, Nick Rose & Christopher Mayes, 9 May 2019

“If you eat, you are involved in agriculture” is a popular saying among agrarian and alternative food advocates. It is often attributed to the American poet and farmer Wendell Berry who wanted to draw attention to the way eaters are intimately connected with growers.

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Decolonising governance / Archipelagic thinking

Paul Carter, John Cunningham, Melinda Hinkson & Priya Srinivasan, 5 June 2019

Paul was in conversation with John Cunningham, Curator and Creative director, Melinda Hinkson, Anthropologist and Director of IPCS, and Priya Srinivasan, Performance Studies Scholar


Creative disasters

Gemma Sou, Michael Fikaris, Jen Rae & Kate Sulan, 31 October 2019

What roles for artists in the coming disaster?

The number of “natural” disasters are increasing globally. Yet, disaster research is often trapped in a reductive paradigm couched in paternalistic and technocratic language of “solutions”, which are complicit with exclusionary approaches that re-entrench the very processes that exacerbate pre-disaster vulnerability. In addition, much of this research as well as mainstream media continue rely on colonial narratives that infantilize, dehumanize, and strip disaster-affected people of their identities.


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Angelo Mazzone

Angelo is a director of the Chartered Accountancy firm of Morris Cohen, Glen & Co. (www.morco.com.au) and has been a member of the board since the Institute’s inception. He commenced his career with a major international accounting firm and now… Continue Reading →

John Fillmore

John is the Principal of the law firm J.A. Fillmore & Co. He qualified from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Law degree in 1976 and was admitted to practice in the State of Victoria in 1977,… Continue Reading →

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