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Call for Participants

The Institute of Postcolonial Studies (IPCS) and Riwaq – Center for Architectural Conservation (Palestine) are seeking expressions of interest from artists, architects and researchers for a two-month research-based project and workshop supported by the City of Melbourne.

Mid-March & 6-8 April 2022


It is generally accepted that heritage is a unifying force that links the past to the present.

This project interrogates this logic by experimenting with map-making in the context of enduring settler-colonialism and the urgency of protecting sites threatened with erasure through law (privatisation) and fact (modernisation).

In March 2022 (various dates), up to seven participants will meet with local knowledge-holders for live-research walking sessions in the City of Melbourne. During this time, participants will learn about Naarm/Melbourne, addressing matters of belonging and place.

On April 6–8, participants will meet daily for an intensive workshop at the Institute of Postcolonial Studies in North Melbourne. During the three-day workshop, participants will talk, think, study, cook, and create maps identifying scars, sites of erasure and repair, while collaborating with local artists and curators. In the evenings, IPCS will host a series of open public events, welcoming community and engaged audiences.


To apply, your expression of interest should include: 1) brief statement (max. 300 words) describing why you would like to participate; 2) writing sample, image, artwork, film, song, sound, or meme, authored by you that encapsulates your practice, 3) CV including full name (with preferred gender pronouns), email, and any other relevant information about yourself you may want to share.

Please send applications as a single PDF.

Deadline: 28 February 2022

Outcome: 5 March 2022

Selected participants will receive a $500 stipend.


The call is open to artists, activists, creatives, architects and researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

For further details or queries, write to us.

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