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Dear friends,

Here in Naarm/Melbourne, while we remain focused on the difficult situations of so many friends and family in parts of the world still governed by lockdowns, it has been wonderful to slowly, carefully, welcome warm bodies back into our meeting rooms. 

The relief, energy and delight we are all taking in embodied interactions, human company and creative exchange, after so many months of Zoom-mediated isolation, has been palpable!

Behzad Zerehdaran and Danish Sheikh in the Edgar Ng Gallery.

In our first newsletter for 2021 we report on the variety of activity that is starting to flow through our building and also on the preliminary research we have started out in the wider world. 

We are developing a 2021 program of activities and events at different scales that we are very excited about. Some of these activities will be small, regular group meetings, some will be special events or workshops led by our visiting fellows, there will be ticket-limited gatherings, as well as a number of larger public meetings online.

Our reading group, having started as a space to foster community and discussion among members and friends in 2019, and shifting online amidst the tumult of 2020, has returned in 2021 with ‘in-person’ and ‘online’ formats taking place on alternating weeks. We’re also thrilled to welcome more poetry to Curzon Street with a fortnightly poetry workshop that will have the Martin Harrison Poetry Collection close to its activities. 

As these plans evolve, we will share our events calendar as well as news from members in a regular bimonthly newsletter.

If you are interested to find out more or get involved in any of the activities, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. And if you are not yet a member of IPCS, or your membership has lapsed, now is a great time to pledge your support.

Hope to see you soon at Curzon St!

Melinda and Carlos / IPCS

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