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Elizabeth is a lecturer in public policy and politics at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and is currently an Australian Research Council Early Career Research Fellow. From 2013 to 2022 she worked as a senior lecturer in policy at the University of Queensland.

Prior to that she work as a consultant at Indigenous led organisations and at Western Sydney University, on large scale research projects investigating performance measurement, stakeholder engagement, neoliberal Indigenous policy and government contracting. Her work focuses on Indigenous policy, colonialism, political relationships, bureaucracy and new public management. She is author of Neoliberal Indigenous Policy: Settler Colonialism and the ‘Post-Welfare’ State, and co-editor of the forthcoming volume Bureaucratic Occupation: Government and First Nations Peoples. Elizabeth is a white settler scholar who aims to carry out politically located research that respects Indigenous sovereignty. Her work focuses on how processes and institutions of public policy relate to political relationships – especially in the context of colonialism, racism and structural violence. She is a founding codirector of the Indigenous led antiracist research centre the Institute for Collaborative Race Research which theorises race through the lens of Indigenous sovereignty, and aims to mobilise academic research for antiracist struggle.

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