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Gali Weiss is an artist and researcher living and working in Melbourne. Born in Israel, she migrated with her family to Australia as a child, and returned to live and study in Jerusalem for 14 years as an adult.

Since then, her life has moved between the two countries, identifying with, and in-between, both. Notions of diaspora, heritage and subjectivity have been central to her practice-led research – her PhD (2009) from Victoria University explored portraiture in light of diasporic identity and consciousness.

Gali’s practice takes the form of drawing installations, the artist’s book and experimental animation. Since 2009, a major part of her practice has been Unfolding Projects, image-text exchanges between women artists in Australia and women learning literacy skills in Afghanistan. The latest art project between the two countries is documented in Making Marks: Australia and Afghanistan 2020, currently pending publication. Her current project is a series of artists’ books, collaborating with three migrant women writers.

Gali teaches Creative Practice (Visual Arts) at Deakin and Latrobe Universities. For details of her work please visit her website.

Gali is an IPCS visiting fellow for 2020.

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