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Jasmine is a gen-y Kurdish troublemaker who has worked with several groups including Food Not Bombs, Animal Friends Jogjakarta, 3CR Community Radio, Needle n Bitch, and Médecins Sans Frontières. She was one of the founders of the feminist housing collective called HUSK, an organiser of the 2019 IMARC protests and various projects such as the Lizard Bites Back and the Refugee Arts Festival. Jasmine’s involvement in radical-politics began in 2014 through squatting and attending anti-deport pickets at the Broadmeadows prison. Her involvement in social movements stretches from No Borders to Anti-Facism, and she believes in the imperative for radical media to popularise and expand liberatory struggles. She is currently directing a documentary film about housing, which uses her involvement in a 2016 direct-action housing campaign in (so-called) Collingwood to critique property and the coloniality of housing. Jasmine’s mother tongue is Sorani Kurdish and she is fluent in Persian and Bahasa Indonesia. She is currently based in the unceded land of the Woiwurrung but enjoys spending time outside of Naarm and learning new languages.

Jasmine has been an IPCS visiting fellow since 2020.

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