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Jasmine Barzani is a gen-y Iranian Kurdish troublemaker and aspiring filmmaker. She was born in Iran and spent most of her early life in south-west Sydney.

Jasmine is a political organiser and mover for social change. She has volunteered for various organisations and collectives including Food Not Bombs, Needle n Bitch, and Médecins Sans Frontières. She was the founder of a feminist squatting collective in Melbourne called HUSK and an organiser of the 2019 IMARC protests. Jasmine believes in the imperative for radical media in social movements. She is currently directing a documentary film about housing, which uses the story of a 2016 direct-action housing campaign to critique private property and ongoing colonisation in (so-called) Australia. Jasmine is quadrilingual and enjoys learning new languages.

Jasmine is an IPCS visiting fellow for 2020.

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