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Paul Carter is an internationally renowned writer, artist, and cultural heritage specialist. He has written extensively about white settler societies, their foundational myths and the ways these inform the places they create and the national narratives that hold them together.

Paul has been involved with the design of commemorative landscapes (Nearamnew, Federation Square, Melbourne, 2002, Golden Grove, University of Sydney, 2007-2009), museum exhibits commemorating Indigenous and non-Indigenous senses of place (‘The Calling to Come and ‘Lost Subjects’, sound installations, both at the Museum of Sydney) and national memorials (notably ‘Out Of Their Feeling’ for the An Gorta Mor memorial to the Great Irish Famine, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney).

Paul has published 15 books, including The Road to Botany Bay (1987; republished 2010), The Lie of the Land, Repressed Spaces, Material Thinking and Dark Writing. Paul is also Professor of Design (Urbanism) at RMIT University and was closely associated with the former New Zealand based journal Studies in Material Thinking.

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