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Priya Srinivasan has a dual career as an artist and scholar committed to questions of decolonisation and interdisciplinary postcolonial feminist performance. She learned classical and contemporary Indian and Asian arts from Dr. Chandrabhanu (OAM) and the late Geoffrey Goldie. Priya went onto become a member of the Bharatam Dance Company where she developed a critical lens to understand migrant and queer art.

Priya has a PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and was hired as the first South Asian professor of dance at the University of California, Riverside. Prior to that she studied at Monash University. Her work brings together live bodily performance with visual art, interactive multimedia and digital technology to think about archives of the body, migration, and female labour. Her work has also been presented in diverse settings such as universities, museums, galleries and theatres internationally in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Lund, Salzburg, Geneva, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Chennai, and Bangalore among others. Her award-winning book Sweating Saris: Indian Dance as Transnational Labour was publsihed by Temple University Press (2012). She is currently Associate Professor at the Alfred Deakin Institute of Citizenship and Globalisation in Melbourne.

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