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Thabani Tshuma is a Zimbabwean writer and performance poet living in Naarm/Melbourne.

Thabani’s work is influenced by the myriad identity challenges of the diaspora, expatriates, and immigrants, while also addressing awareness around addiction, mental health, and trauma. Thabani was the co-curator of Thin Red Lines, a 2019 Hot-desk fellowship recipient with The Wheeler Centre, a featured author with Djed Press, Slamalamadingdong’s 2019 Grand Slam champion, and was listed among the top slam poets worldwide during the Individual World Poetry Slam (2019). Thabani was also the winner of the 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize, and received the people’s choice and conveners’ choice awards. Writing is the aperture through which he views the world and experiences self in relation to others.

Thabani is convening IPCS’ Poetry is the method of our future community — a poetry group for 2021

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