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Postcolonial Studies is the first international journal dedicated to exploring the colonial encounter and the variety of ways in which colonial relations and processes shaped and continue to shape the global world order.

In the context of world history, the colonial encounter was a violent event whose legacies thread through to the present. Colonialism structures relationships between peoples in a multitude of ways. It gives rise to distinct bodies of literature and art, as well as political subjectivities and brutal economic inequalities. Colonial relationships and broader processes of coloniality are investigated from a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives. Postcolonial theory offers distinct critical perspectives on diverse circumstances historically and in the present. Postcolonial Studies is a leading forum for timely interventions and searching debates that traverse, but are not limited to, settler colonialism and indigenous-settler relations, nationalism, citizenship, statelessness, political violence, gender and sexuality, displacement and migration, climate justice and environmental ethics, human/non-human relations, decolonising movements, aesthetics, and poetics of colonial engagement.

Postcolonial Studies welcomes original, creative, and challenging submissions of diverse lengths and formats. The journal publishes research that is theoretically insightful and specifically grounded. It aims to generate dialogue and debate between theorists, writers, artists, and activists in support of world-changing relationships transnationally.

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Editorial Teams

Global Editorial Collective

Ramaswami Harindranath – University of New South Wales, Australia

Dolly Kikon – University of Melbourne, Australia

Priya Kumar – University of Delhi, India

Ira Raja – University of Delhi, India

David L Martin – Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Francisco Carballo – Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Suren Pillay – University of Western Cape, South Africa

Convening Editors

Associate Professor Crystal McKinnon – Institute of Postcolonial Studies

Dr Evelyn Araluen – Institute of Postcolonial Studies

Managing Editor

Aran Martin – Institute of Postcolonial Studies, Australia

Reviews Editor

Michele Lobo – Deakin University, Australia

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