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Decolonising truth globally: Seeking sovereignty and reparations through truth-telling 
1. The Colombian peace process
Truth-telling in times of continuing conflict

The seminar was conducted with Spanish-English interpretation. El seminario se realizó con interpretación consecutiva en inglés y castellano. 

See the original event details.

See the related 2020 recordings, part of the same ‘Decolonising truth’ series.

Seminar recordings

See María Patricia Tobón Yagarí & Alejandra Londoño Bustamante discuss decolonisation and their work as part of The Colombian Commission for the Clarification of Truth and Non Repetition, introduced by Vanessa Barolsky and Laura Rodríguez Castro, and with consecutive translations by Tania Stuart.

See María Patricia Tobón Yagarí‘s complete intervention.

See an additional Q&A with María Patricia Tobón Yagarí in which she discusses the ethnic methodology adopted by the Truth Commission.

See Alejandra Londoño Bustamante‘s complete intervention.

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Recorded: 9 September 2021


María Patricia Tobón Yagarí
Alejandra Londoño Bustamante
Laura Rodríguez Castro


Colombia conflict decolonising truth recording videos


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