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A double event presenting Homeless in Hotels, a three-part radio series documenting life in hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic and Bendigo Street, a film about political resistance through a housing occupation in Collingwood.

In August we held a powerful half-day event focused on dwelling justice. Curated by visiting fellow and filmmaker Jasmine Barzani, together with Kelly Whitworth and Spike Chiappalone, the event brought together Indigenous knowledge, social analysis and the demands of those with lived-experienced, to story homelessness and resistance. You can watch recordings below.
Key to our event was the presentation of a 20-minute version of Bendigo Street, Jasmine’s rousing documentary interrogating homelessness and settler colonialism. We’re now actively calling for donations to support the documentary’s final stage. If you are able to donate or learn more, check out the project’s website.


Peer Stories of Homelessness in Naarm

Meet the makers and hear the stories of people whose lives on the street became illegal during COVID-19, and folx who participated in the 2016 Bendigo Street campaign. Featuring a screening of the Bendigo Street documentary short film, an immersive audio gallery, project curios, and a panel discussion.

Taking place on Wurundjeri Country. We pay respect to ancestors, spirits and elders past, present and emerging.


2:00-3:00 pm – Audio Gallery of Homeless in Hotels: Health, Services and Peer Voices in the COVID-19 pandemic

3:00-3:15 pm – Welcome and Introduction by Carlos Morreo and Jasmine Barzani

3:15-3.40 pm – Sovereignty & Dwelling Justice, Uncle Larry Walsh and Robbie Thorpe

3.40-4.00 pm – Bendigo Street, film screening

4:00-5:00 pm – Panel Discussion and Q+A with Angela Edwards, Frank Hayes, Caitlyn Gough, Spike Chiappalone, Kelly Whitworth, David Boarder Giles and Jasmine Barzani


Can you imagine what was it like to be homeless in a city under curfew and in lockdown?

Homeless in Hotels: health, services and peer voices in the COVID-19 pandemic is a three-part radio series giving voice to the people who went from a life on the street to life in hotels and the support workers experiencing the shifting ground on the front line of COVID-19. 

Hear how people managed their mental health, drug use and access to health services. Listen to the stories of how support workers experienced the shifting ground on the front line of the pandemic and learn how the law affected the homeless community when it was illegal to be on the street. Homeless in Hotels is a peer-produced radio series created in the studios of 3CR Community Radio.

Learn more about the Homeless in Hotels project.


Bendigo Street is a documentary about political resistance through a housing occupation in Collingwood that took place in 2016, directed by Jasmine Barzani.

On 31 March 2016, we occupied 16 Bendigo St and made national headlines, forcing the state government into an embarrassing confrontation. The protest drew the support of Wurundjeri and Kulin Nation community who helped us expose the myth of the contemporary housing crisis — housing deprivation and homelessness began with European invasion in 1788.

The documentary draws on conversations and interviews with activists involved in the 2016 Bendigo St squatting occupations.

Read more about Bendigo St.

Chip in and support Bendigo St.

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Recorded: 13 August 2022


Uncle Larry Walsh
Angela Edwards
Frank Hayes
Caitlyn Gough
Spike Chiappalone
Kelly Whitworth
David Boarder Giles
Jasmine Barzani


Kim Mahood Melinda Hinkson Paul Carter recording Suzi Hutchings videos


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