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IPCS in partnership with the Mildura Writers Festival. Panel discussion with Rene Woods, Jason Alexandra, Scott Hamilton, Stuart Kells, Howard Jones, and Lauren Rickards.

Running Out

Beyond contested interests in Australia’s water crisis

IPCS Projects for coexistence: The Future of Food

Recorded on Thursday 21 October, 7.30pm

A deluge of recent books and reports provide just one indication of an escalating water crisis in Australia. While the causes of today’s contestation over water can be traced back through Federation and colonisation, the past two decades have brought new issues to the fore. From traditional owners’ demands for recognition and allocation of cultural water, to the de-coupling of water from land and pressures on irrigators to compete in a newly deregulated market, to the ecological impacts of over-extraction, to aggressive transnational trade in water for profit, to the broader impacts of climate change on water availability—it is clear that water is now ground zero in a supercharged battle over incommensurable interests and values.

Full event details here.

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Recorded: 21 October 2021


Rene Woods
Jason Alexandra
Scott Hamilton
Stuart Kells
Howard Jones
Lauren Rickards


Future of Food Mildura Writers Festival recording videos


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