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What is the responsibility of truth telling in the wider community?

A dialogue with the Yoorrook Justice Commission representatives Commissioner and Professor, the Honourable Kevin Bell AM KC and Assistant Director of Education, Brent Ryan (Mutti Mutti).

Recorded on Thursday 24th August, 2023, in the Ashis Nandy room at IPCS’s home in North Melbourne.

The Yoorrook Justice Commission commenced its work in 2021 with the powers of a Royal Commission to investigate historical and on-going injustices experienced by First Peoples in Victoria. Working systematically across portfolios of Land Injustice, Housing, Health, and Education, Commissioners have been hearing testimonies and gathering information from First Peoples to understand the diverse impacts of colonisation, from invasion to the present. At the conclusion of its truth telling process, Yoorrook will make recommendations for healing, system reform, and practical changes to laws, policy, and education, as well as to matters to be included in future treaties.
The Commission welcomes submissions beyond First Nations communities, inviting all Victorians to take part in the truth telling process. 

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Recorded: 24 August 2023