Fractured Hairline

Azza Zein 3 July Fractured Hairline is part of Azza Zein’s continued research into ways to revalue invisible labour and care through the materiality of domestic space. Zein’s practice locates the displaced or migrant entity – be it human or non-human… Continue Reading →

The Tigers of Curzon Street

Desmond Manderson 26 June 2020 One would be hard pressed to find a more ironic address for an Institute of Post-Colonial Studies than Curzon Street. George Nathaniel Curzon, who after humble birth as a mere marquess rose to become first… Continue Reading →

A place apart

Benjamin Hegarty 6 July 2020 On a crisp autumn day in Melbourne, my phone has several missed calls from an Indonesian friend. I call back to see what might be wrong with a heavy heart. As has been the case… Continue Reading →

The event

Chinmaya Lal Thakur 3 July 2020 I am researching the representations of subjectivity in the novels of David Malouf as an international student at La Trobe University, Melbourne. The key question that my work attempts to address is the relationship… Continue Reading →

Reshaping institutional life in post-Covid times

Katharine McKinnon 6 July 2020 As an academic, Covid-times have been revealing on many levels. Being locked-down introduced a new affective slant to the experience of leaving the house. The travel that used to seem an essential and unavoidable necessity… Continue Reading →

ASD #3

Against social distancing #3 – July 2020

ASD #2

Against social distancing #2 – June 2020

Living precariously, demanding more

Massimo Amerena

22 May 2020

I submitted my Masters Thesis on the history of Aboriginal treaties in Victoria at the beginning of this pandemic. I was deeply disappointed that I couldn’t have lunch with my supervisor, a beer with the office, or even hug other post-grad students, my friends and family. Let alone attend a graduation (I know these are coming, but the anti-climax was depressing). However, I am grateful that I was able to complete my thesis before COVID-19’s social impacts really hit my household.

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Who is your neighbour?

Michael Conole

19 May 2020

I have a new employer every few weeks. When I finish one job, another is ready to begin. When the power goes off, I can do it all with hand tools. It might take a while longer but the result is the same. I must be frugal and motivated, but I can survive adversity. I’m a self-employed artist and furniture maker.

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New growth

Michael Fikaris

May 2020

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