Mammad Aidani

Finding place after dislocation

Iranian and Afghan Refugees’ pathways to belonging in Melbourne

A participatory theatre project led by Mammad Aidani, hosted by the Institute of Postcolonial Studies

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They have the will and resilience, but…

Mammad Aidani

28 April 2020

They have the will and resilience, but are more isolated and alienated than before these terrifying times.

The underprivileged are experiencing intense social and cultural isolation, alienation, and loneliness. Among those who are suffering the most are asylum seekers and recently settled refugees. If I were to write a full description of what I have heard and witnessed over the last couple of weeks since the self-isolation restrictions were introduced, I would need weeks to sit and write many pages. So, for the time being, I just content myself with jotting down the following.

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