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Martin Harrison (1949 – 2014) was an Australian poet, writer, producer, broadcaster, and teacher. The Martin Harrison Archives consist of those digital and non-digital materials judged to be useful to students of Harrison’s work.

The indexes and introductory documentation are available below, for download in Word or Excel format.


Martin Harrison Archives Introduction (PDF)


Selected Non-Digital Index (1) (XLSX)

Reduced Digital Index (2) (XLSX)

Non-Digital Index (3) (XLSX)

Extended Non-Digital Entries Index (3a) (DOCX)

Digital Index (4) (XLSX)

Non-Digital Poetry Index (5) (XLSX)

Selected Digital Poetry Index (6) (XLSX)

Non-Digital Prose Index (7) (XLSX)


Non-Digital Poetry Chronology (simplified) (8) (PDF)

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